Jolla Is Using A Dual Core Snapdragon 400 Processor + Benchmark Score


According to Kotka Jolla gets 12730 points on AnTutu Android- benchmark.

Multitask: 1838
Dalvik: 1059
CPU integer: 978
CPU float-point: 682
RAM Operation: 460
RAM Speed: 1112
2D graphics: [540×888] 618
3D graphics: [540×888] 4496
Storage I/O: 984
Database I/O: 505

Jolla gets 3818 points on Quadrant Android-
CPU 5022
Mem: 7192
I/O: 6061
2D: 314
3D: 1503

We know that Jolla is using a Snapdragon Processor but Jolla didn’t mention what type it is, Thanks to the benchmark
Jolla is using a Dual Core Qualcomm Snapdragon 400
MSM8930 clocked at 1.4 ghz and Android 4.1.2 SDK/layer


Weekend Read: Jolla Reviews From Different Tech Sites


Jolla articles from different Tech Sites. Happy Reading!


“We were excited to get an extended look at a brand new smartphone player that’s building its own products and OS. However, we came away a little underwhelmed. The handset is distinct, but not remarkable, although we’re yet to see what can be done with the “other half.”

The Next Web

“The Jolla smartphone is certainly unique. The styling of the hardware is unusual and the gesture-based Sailfish OS is intriguing. I enjoyed my time with the device, but I’m still not sure who this handset is for.”


“The Jolla phone has colorful cases, runs Sailfish OS software but uses Android apps”


“Jolla now styles itself as a “distinct” mobile operating system and design philosophy, characterized by the use of swipe gestures instead of iOS- or Android-style navigation buttons.”


“Jolla’s first phone is very much a work-in-progress, and while that might appeal to the fans who have seen Meego develop into Sailfish and are keen to support the software as it grows, few consumers used to the iPhone and Samsung Galaxys will understand why Jolla is different and why it deserves praise.”

Tips And Tricks #3 Installing Google Play Store on Your Jolla


Yesterday we teach you on Installing Amazon App Store on your Jolla. Some Jolla Users found a trick to access Google Play Store on your phone. This is Jolla’s edge from BB10 since they cant install Play Store on their phones. Do this at your own risk.

1. Enable Jolla Developer Mode and
allow SSH-connection.
2. Download and
extract it.
3. Plug your Jolla with USB to
computer in normal mode.
4. Copy system-folder from your
extract files to Jolla.
5. Open SSH-connection to your
phone and login.
6. Write “devel-su” and press enter.
After that, write your password.
7. Write command: rsync -av –ignore-existing /home/nemo/
8. Reboot phone
9. Install Google Play services to
10. Install Google Play Store to Jolla
11. Start Play Store and do updates.

Source: via Jolla Tides and MyNokiaBlog

The Verge: Jolla, The Nokia That Could Have Been


This is The Verge Hands on of the Jolla Phone. There are positive response and negative response that are on point.

Positive Side

The Jolla phone feels light and compact,
though it’s no category leader with a weight
of 141 grams and a thickness of 9.9mm.
– It’s also got a blocky, utilitarian design, which
nonetheless appeals with its quirky sandwich
look — courtesy of the swappable Other Half
back covers — and subtle Jolla branding set in
an inviting cursive typeface.
– Android Compatibility

Negative Side
– Two years in the making but no LTE support at launch
– Its reminiscent of the Nokia
N9, but in practice it’s highly unintuitive and
unwieldy to the point where the entire UI
paradigm can be considered broken.
– Screen
transitions and in-app animations go from left
to right, inviting the user to swipe from right to left to go back, but that’s not how you’re supposed to do it. A notification pops down from the top of the screen, but if you try to swipe down to view it, you’re liable to unintentionally close your current app, or more annoyingly, lock the entire phone.
– Then there’s the fact that a swipe from the middle of the screen produces a different result than a swipe from the edge.
– It all adds up to a
frustrating learning experience. The user is
forced to adapt around the operating system
rather than the other way around.

I do agree in the UI side, I mean if you are not a techie Its pretty complicated and you really need to read or watch videos to understand the UI. But remember that its the Beta version of Sailfish OS so No Worries about that.

Source: The Verge

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Tips And Tricks #2 Installing Amazon App Store On Your Jolla


There are several app store available for your Jolla. If you want native apps you can download it from the Jolla Store but if its not enough you can download Yandex Store or Amazon App Store.

The Amazon Appstore is a mobile application
store for the Google Android operating system
and was opened on March 22, 2011. Available
in nearly 200 countries. It was created for the Kindle Fire Tablet by Amazon.

One distinct advantage over the Google Play/ Yandex is
the Amazon Appstore includes a “free app a
day” feature. Every day, an application,
frequently a game, is offered for free.

For you to download the Amazon App Store click this link

1.After that Click Install.
2. After the installation You will be ask to Sign in to your Amazon Account if you dont have you can choose sign up
3. After Logging in you can now download apps from the store.