Jolla News Roundup Across The Web (Updated)


News about the Jolla Phone:


“With Nokia’s devices business soon to be a Microsoft business, Finland’s most well-known smartphone maker Jolla will begin selling its first smartphones later on today, with a little help from Finnish mobile operator DNA. ”


“Rather than trying to compete solely in the hardware business, Helsinki-based Jolla is seeking to take on systems such as Google’s Android in providing device manufacturers with software, for which profit margins are typically higher. Its first own device is intended as a reference product, to show what the company’s operating system is capable of. ”


“A team of ex-Nokia employees has released the first handset running on a new smartphone platform.”

IBN Live

“Jolla is running on the MeeGo-succeeding Sailfish OS, developed by ex Nokia employees. It relies heavily on gestures and is able to run Android apps”

The Register

“Launching in Finland was a logical move for the company – Nokia’s decline and eventual flogging off to Microsoft has been a point of contention in the country. At its peak Nokia paid nearly a quarter of all of Finland’s corporate tax take and the locals took considerable pride in having such a world-class local company.”


“However, the main differentiator for the Jolla handset is its Sailfish OS platform. Its gesture-based user interface has been designed to support live multitasking, according to the firm, with a startup wizard that guides the user to select the applications they actually want rather than the device coming preloaded with bloatware.”


“It will place plenty of emphasis on gestures, and is also able to handle Android apps without missing a beat – and thanks to the pre-installed Yandex store, you can already gain access to at least 85,000 Android applications right out of the box. Of course, knowing that Nokia HERE Maps also arrives pre-installed makes it easier to make a purchase decision, no?”


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