Thank You Sailors!


Id like to thank all of the Sailors who are reading this site… Thanks a lot! Yesterday we got 700+ Views and 350+ Visitors from 70+ Countries Worldwide. It was also the official launch of this site. Also Id like to express my deepest gratitude to Ali or @alifakhruddinfor creating the Logo of this site. And also Id like to Congratulate Jolla for a great job!

Please you can actually comment here..Dont be shy 😉

If you have any news about Jolla feel free to send an email to thejollablog(at)outlook(dot)com

If you have any suggestion you can also email us.

Are you an App Developer for Sailfish OS and you want to feature your app here. Feel Free to email us

Lastly if you have any concept for Jolla Phone. You can also email us


One more thing please follow us on twitter @TheJollaBlog_ and Like us on Facebook

To God Be The Glory

Sail On!

Update: Today The Jolla Blog reached 800 Views and 400+ Visitors from 80 Countries Worldwide… Clap Clap Clap

Feel Free to Comment!


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