Tips and Tricks #1 Connecting your Jolla Phone To A Computer


You can copy files back and forth between
your Jolla and your PC. You will probably do
this over USB, but Bluetooth is sometimes an
option too. (You pair your Jolla with your PC –
see pairing Bluetooth devices above).

If you want to connect your Jolla to your PC
using USB, connect the cable into your Jolla
and then to the PC. Your Jolla will ask you
what to use USB for – “Charging only”, or “PC
connection”. Since you want to connect to
your PC, choose this option.
Your PC should tell you that it found your
Jolla – maybe saying ‘New device detected’,
‘Found new USB device’ – it depends on your
PC operating system.

Your PC will then give you some choices –
download photos, open with a file manager –
that kind of thing. From then on you should
be able to browse your Jolla on your PC just
like an external hard drive or a USB stick. Your
Jolla will show up with a few folders,
including Music, Pictures, Videos, Playlists
and Documents.

In Settings | System settings |
Connectivity – USB you can tell
your Jolla what to do when
you connect to a PC – it can ask
what to do, assume PC
connection or charging.


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