Weekend Read: Jolla Reviews From Different Tech Sites


Jolla articles from different Tech Sites. Happy Reading!


“We were excited to get an extended look at a brand new smartphone player that’s building its own products and OS. However, we came away a little underwhelmed. The handset is distinct, but not remarkable, although we’re yet to see what can be done with the “other half.”

The Next Web

“The Jolla smartphone is certainly unique. The styling of the hardware is unusual and the gesture-based Sailfish OS is intriguing. I enjoyed my time with the device, but I’m still not sure who this handset is for.”


“The Jolla phone has colorful cases, runs Sailfish OS software but uses Android apps”


“Jolla now styles itself as a “distinct” mobile operating system and design philosophy, characterized by the use of swipe gestures instead of iOS- or Android-style navigation buttons.”


“Jolla’s first phone is very much a work-in-progress, and while that might appeal to the fans who have seen Meego develop into Sailfish and are keen to support the software as it grows, few consumers used to the iPhone and Samsung Galaxys will understand why Jolla is different and why it deserves praise.”


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