Tips And Tricks #5 Gestures – Swipes, Pulls, Taps and Flicks


Your Jolla enjoys being stroked and different strokes get different responses. To keep things clear, we describe the gestures first, so when we use them later in this guide you know what we mean.

Waking up

Your Jolla’s screen goes to sleep when you’re not using it – if this happens, do not give your Jolla coffee. Instead, when you pick it up you just double tap on the screen or press the power button to wake it up.

A brief press on the power button sends the screen to sleep when you’re done (your Jolla is still working but this helps the battery last longer).

A quick summary

Swipes are used to switch between tasks and start with a touch off the edge of the screen – you can swipe from all sides. It’s a bit like moving the whole screen.


Pulls are used to move around inside an application and start within the screen border – again you can pull in any direction. This feels a little like dragging the application around to see different parts of it – it’s a natural movement when you have a list of things.


Flicks are just fast pulls – they get you to the end more quickly and are often used to open menus. You don’t need to try hard to do a flick, they just happen as you get more familiar with your Jolla.

Of course you can tap on things too – or in some places you can do a long tap (when you press and hold) to access more detail.


For Further Understanding Watch These Videos:

Jolla Phone The Basics

Sleeping And Waking Up

The Pulley Menu


Image Source: Jolla



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