Jolla Phone Review: First Experiences with the Jolla Phone


So this is a review from Marko Grönroos. He is one of the Lucky 450 Persons who are in the Jolla Phone Event in Finland last November 27. He talks about Apps and he said that there are only 25 apps in the Jolla Store for now. That’s why you really need to install Yandex Store and Amazon App Store etc.

“Mostly, Sailfish appears to have most of the essential features that you need in a phone. The simplicity of many user interfaces is both highly elegant and often frustrating. It’s an OK phone with a browser (especially after you install Firefox), but not as a full-featured smartphone, rather a minimally-featured. But I’m not really expecting much more than that yet”

Anyway you can read it here

Thanks for the tip Ru!


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