My Dream Other Half #1 Jolla Box Inspired Other Half


Sailors, This is My Dream Other Half. This section will feature your dream other half, want to have an other half that is a keyboard, e-ink screen or anything that you could think of. You can email us if you have something to share with our readers > thejollablog(at)outloook(dot)com

If you have a concept of a Jolla Phone we will feature it on My Dream Jolla. You will be the one to decide on the phone specs, design etc.

To inspire you here’s a work from Yves

Its was inspired by the box of the Jolla Phone, where you can find the source code of Sailfish OS.


One thought on “My Dream Other Half #1 Jolla Box Inspired Other Half

  1. I have been hunting, in vain, for a keyboard for my Android phone that has a keyboard that shows keys for scientific calculations. Others might want financial keys. Some of the scientific calculator apps will accept any keyboard input, and things like Sin( might be entered by such a keyboard like a macro.

    With the advent of e-ink displays, it should be viable to do a flip-out phone case that can label the keys any way you want. It could be a scientific, financial, or a different language keyboard. It would be comparable to the keyboard on the Samsung Alias. It might talk to the phone through Bluetooth.

    It might have a macro learning capability, so you can change your macro keyboard to enter common phrases into your e-mails.

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