Sailfish OS, Voted As The Second Best Linux OS Next To Android


You heard it right, Sailfish OS and Jolla comes in 2nd in: Mobile Linux OS, Linux Smartphone
Manufacturer / Linux Product of the Year.

Android dominated at 46.6% followed by Sailfish OS at 17.5% CyanogenMod 14.2%
FirefoxOS 6.3% MeeGo 2.6%
Ubuntu Touch 2.6%Other 2%
Maemo 1.5%
Ubuntu for Phones 1.4%
Ubuntu for Android 1%
PCLinuxOS 1.3%
Mer .9%
Replicant .9%
Tizen .7%
Gentoo .6%

Suprisingly MeeGo comes in 5th and Maemo at 8th. While Mer at 12 place and Tizen at 14th place.

Let us Congratulate Jolla!



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