Dear Jolla, Why are sales starting for everyone before all pre-orders have been delivered?


To clear up your mind Jolla updated their FAQ at the Jolla Web Store

Shipments to EU and FIN pre-order customers are well underway and continue as quickly as possible. DNA Kauppa will also start selling a limited number of phones to Finland based customers this week.

After we scheduled the sales start with DNA we encountered some unexpected technical problems in the shipping process for pre-order customers. In good faith with DNA, we postponed the DNA sales start to try to recover from the situation.

This delay was not enough to compensate for the technical issues. In our estimation it did not make sense for anyone to prolong the delay any further.

Unfortunately one consequence is that a small amount of devices will be available thru DNA shops in Finland before all mail deliveries reach every pre-order customer

If you have completed your purchase by the 2nd of December you will get your Jolla in December. We are unable to provide you with exact delivery times. We’re doing our best to serve the pre-order customers as quickly as possible. Due to the aforementioned technical problems in the shipping process a small portion of pre-orders will be delayed. You will receive a notification with more details when your device has been shipped.

We sincerely apologize for any delays and thank you for your patience.

How are you dealing with shipping the pre-orders?

Shipment are being handled as follows:
• Finnish pre-orders from first campaign in May.
• Remaining EU pre-orders and second-wave pre-orders

There are still some people who get their phone 😃 All you can do is wait..

Sail On!

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2 thoughts on “Dear Jolla, Why are sales starting for everyone before all pre-orders have been delivered?

  1. Karl

    Just to let everybody know: my Jolla is:

    12/13/2013 – Friday
    6:13 am
    At destination sort facility


    I will have it this afternoon or Monday morning.
    Well within 3 -4 weeks actually only two weeks.

    Thank you Jolla for a speedy transaction!!!

    • Great! Comment here or mention us on Twitter @TheJollaBlog_ if you recieved your phone. Please take some photos of your unboxing or you may write a review of your phone and we will post it here. You may send your Phone Review at thejollablog(at)outlook(dot)com
      Sail On!

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