Press Release: Jolla Smartphone Available From DNA Stores From December 11


Sailors, If you did not have a chance to preorder the Jolla Phone because of some unknown problems. Well you are lucky since Jolla Smartphones will go on sale in DNA Stores from December 11 ( today)

Press Release:

“Jolla smartphones will go on general sale in DNA Stores from 11 December. That is also the day when the ‘second chance’ pre-bookers can collect their phones if they have selected a DNA Store as the collection point.

“At this point, only a limited number of phones will be available, but they will be shipped to DNA Stores all over Finland, and, in addition to pre-bookers, will be available to the general public, as well” says Cedric Kamtsan, DNA’s Business Director in charge of the Jolla project.

The first batch of Jolla phones went on sale at a launch event arranged by DNA in Helsinki at the end of November. At the launch event, DNA offered the fastest pre-bookers the opportunity to buy their phones among the first 450 owners of Jolla smartphones. Deliveries to all other ‘first edition’ pre-bookers are in full progress.

Second phase pre-bookers from Finland can collect their phones from a DNA Store or by post from Jolla, according to where they have chosen the delivery in advance. Deliveries to second phase pre-bookers will begin on 11 December, both by post and from DNA Stores.

Phones due for collection from DNA Stores will be held at the DNA Store selected by the customer until 13 December – byers will get an SMS confirmation today. Any phones not collected will be placed on general sale on Saturday 14 December, but pre-bookers will naturally have a chance to collect their phones, subject to availability.

DNA has played an integral part in the product development and commercialisation of Jolla smartphones and is the operator with the exclusive right to sell Jolla phones in Finland during the launch phase.

Jolla is powered by Sailfish OS, a truly open and distinct mobile operating system. Navigate effortlessly with the gesture-based user interface and load the phone with top Android (TM) apps. More information on Jolla at”

What are you waiting for head over to the nearest DNA Store to get your Jolla Phone.

Source: DNA Press Release


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