Tips And Tricks #10 Creating A Wireless Charging Other Half


Here are the steps on how to create a Wireless Charging Other Half.

What you need:
– Double sided glue tape or superglue
– QI receiver pad. I used following in this 1st
itm/290994467448 (But any 5V flat QI receiver
will do).
– QI transmitter pad. In demo I used that Nokia one, but it really sucks as it is quite picky about thee orientation. Most
likely any generic QI charger would work.
– Some conductive wire, I just cutted legs off
from generic resistors like this
– Soldering iron to connect 5V pins to right
places. (receiver above has 5V and GND in
different order that the pins on device I’ll try to find receiver which
orientation is better in the future.
– Small dremel & sharp knife (optional, if you
want to shave half millimeter plastic off from back
cover. Makes receiver fit better under the cover.
Although it does with even without shaving).

– Shave off some plastics, and put receiver about
over the place where battery is. Test that back cover closes and it looks ok.
– Either use double sided tape (I used that) or glue, and put receiver module in place.
– Put some double sided tape over the small hole where charger pins would connect.
– Solder wires to 5V and GND, and bend them in shape and press them down so they connect to double sided tape, you can also use glue to secure them in place. But good double sided glue tape is enough.

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