Jolla and Yota: The Other Half Vs The Other Screen


Yota Phone Secondary Screen is Your Dream Other half

Have you ever dream of having an E ink Other Half for your Jolla? Well, its not a dream anymore I present to you the Yota Phone.

What is Yota Phone?

Yota Phone  is a dual screen smartphone from Russia, It was founded by the former state-run defense corporation. The Yota Phone goes on sale on December 4 in Russia, Germany, Austria, and Spain for 499 euros and is due to hit UK shelves in January next year.

Here are the Specs:

Yota Phone Specs

Gestures Vs Gestures

The Yota Phone doesn’t have a physical button, you need to use gestures like on the Sailfish OS. A swipe to the right takes you home, for example, a back swipe takes you back a page, and a two-finger swipe down takes a screenshot and displays it on the rear screen.

The Other Screen

According to Mashable, The rear e-paper is used to display more persistent reference information — think maps, notifications and calendars. You can push information from the main display to the e-paper display.

Yota also reckons it’s great for personalisation, as you’re able to pop various wallpapers — including your own images — on the back for the world to see. A bunch of different wallpapers are preloaded, including a rather wonderful giraffe, and you can pop down widgets over the top to update with information. The most obvious ones are a battery indicator and a clock, but you can show upcoming meetings too – CNET

Is Yota Phone a threat to Jolla?

No! We know that Jolla is planning different concepts for the Other Half,  Some of the concept other halves are a QWERTY Keyboard, a weather station sensor or even an e-ink screen. So we might expect a E-ink Other Half from Jolla Soon.

Source; CNET and Mashable



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