Jolla Harbour Update


Sailors, here is an update about Jolla Harbour!


Here is some short Harbour information:

In Week 52/2013 and 01/2014 our QA staff is working with reduced man power. We will be back full speed Tue 7. January 2014. So expect some delays in processing your submissions to Harbour, thanks for understanding.

We noticed that many forget to increment the rpm version number. Please ensure that each submission has a higher version-release, than the already approved version. We will add a version check to the web ui. But until then please check it yourself too, to avoid rejections.

It would make the testers life easier, if you would provide more detailed information about the changes you made if you submit a new version of your application in the web ui when you submit the rpm. The field is not mandatory and we don't want to force you. But a few sentences about what changed would help a lot, and will speed up QA for your application. Note that this information is not shown to your end-users - you may update the description though.

Heads up: Soon we won't allow any files not needing the execution bit set, to have it set. So .png, .desktop and .qml files (and any other file you package with your rpm, except the binary) are not allowed to have permission 755, just 644!

New APIs are approved as we go along - we'll inform you when you're allowed to use new APIs in Harbour apps on the mailing list. If you think you need an API (library or QML import) for your Harbour app that is not yet approved, let us know on sailfish-devel. The current list of approved APIs can be found on

We are currently studying how the SDK could support you with 2) and 4).

So we wish you Happy Holidays  and a successful New Year! Happy hacking (but get also some rest :-))Jolla Harbour Team



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