Are You Experiencing Battery Problems On Your Jolla? Here’s Why


There are some reports that some users are experiencing Battery problems on their Phone. Petteri Järvinen conducted a Battery Life Test, He test the Jolla Phone, Lumia 920 (2000 mAH, iPhone 4 (1420 mAH) and the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 (3200 mAH) and HTC One (2300 mAH)

According to WPSailors,The test was done by running the phones for 7 hours on  Airplane Mode, and then on standby for 6 hours. Järvinen does remind that this is by no means definite or scientific test. After the test Jolla had already dropped below 70%, while example Lumia 920 was on 100%.

The answer is lack of optimization, and the reason for that is the same why Jolla was delayed for almost half a year. As ST-Ericsson decided to stop manufacturing the SoC Jolla was going to use, Jolla had to do quick switch to Qualcomm. Meaning Jolla has not been able to do more optimizing between the hardware and software.
So the positive to take out of this is that battery life should only get batter after updates – WPSailors

Are you experiencing battery problems on your Jolla?

Source: Bittimittari via WPSailors

Thanks for the tip, RU!


3 thoughts on “Are You Experiencing Battery Problems On Your Jolla? Here’s Why

      • Peter

        Same with Lumia 920 and 925 (the others I don´t know, but the reports say in similar discussions the same. A lot of restarts and other crashes until now. Even the 1020). Lumia 920 started with massive heat problems. My 920 has ended with total crash of the touch part of the screen. Got my money back ;-). Bought a Lumia 925. To reach a working time for a bit more than a day You have to switch off most of the smartphone functions! I know what I say after nearly a year trying to come over a day ;-)! Only search for restarts, switched off and so on!

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