Jolla Preview: First Look by GSMArena


As promised by GSMArena that they are going to publish their preview of the review. Here it is!

First Impression

While the leading OSes of the day use button-
based navigation to various degrees, the Nokia
N9 pioneered the gesture-based interface.
Sadly, the N9 fell victim to Nokia’s Windows
Phone transition, but a team of ex-employees
kept the Maemo/MeeGo dreams alive by
establishing Jolla.
Jolla created its own fork of the Linux-based
mobile OS. Tizen is another fork, but that’s just
vaporware for now, despite support from tech
giants Samsung and Intel.
And we like what Jolla has done with the
software – the gestures do take some getting
used to (perhaps because the iOS and Android
way of thinking is so ingrained in us) but once
you do, they are simpler to use than BlackBerry
OS 10’s gestures. It doesn’t feel like quite the
finished product as there are some areas where
the gestures are still lacking.

Unfortunately, even our quick encounter with
the Jolla is enough to tell that the software isn’t
done. Some features are either buggy (e.g. the
camera) or don’t work as advertised (the Other
Half still doesn’t do all we were promised). Yes,
Jolla doesn’t hide that Sailfish is in beta, but
charging people €400 for a product and then
using them as beta testers is no way to gain
widespread appeal.

You can read the whole preview here:


One thought on “Jolla Preview: First Look by GSMArena

  1. alf

    I have my Jolla for about 10 Days now.
    And i can say, I am very happy to be a beta tester!
    Updates comming fast and the community is very good.
    I like the OS and the Hardware.

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