Pocketnow: 5 Ways Jolla Nails It


Michael Fisher from Pocketnow tells 5 Features why Jolla nails it.

1. Flawless Unlocking
Every time I tap twice on Jolla, the screen
obediently pulses to life, awaiting the unlock swipe to give me access to the software. It’s so
consistent and so quick that I never think twice about it anymore …
2. Thumb-friendly navigation
It’s so
simple you’d think someone would have come
up with it sooner – and it helps make Jolla a very
comfortable phone to use.
3.Opening apps directly into
The possibilities range
from the mundane to the extremely useful, and
the time you’re able to save really adds up once
you get used to the shortcuts
4. Action Gestures
It’s hard to describe how much more enjoyable
this is than hunting for a button or delicately
pecking at a small touch target.
5. Synergy Sailfish Edition
Most platforms do something similar these days,
but Sailfish does it in a way that’s so subtle it’s
almost invisible.

Sorry for lack of updates, been busy this Chrismas 🙂
Merry Christmas Sailors

Source: http://www.pocketnow.com/2013/12/24/five-ways-jolla-phone-nails-it via MyNokiaBlog


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