6 Sailfish OS Features That Android And iOS Lack


Sailors here are Six Features that made the Sailfish OS stand out from Android and iOS according to Times of India

#6 Multitasking first
The new OS gives priority to the applications that are currently running and displays them on the home screen rather than the bunch of widgets and apps that overwhelm the display

#5 Gestures in multitasking
Sailfish provides an option to execute a specific action without even opening them

#4 Supports Android Apps
The new mobile operating system not only supports apps specified for it but also those designed for Android.

#3 Swipe Away
Sailfish incorporates the swipe away feature seen in iOS7 (What? I don’t know if they are serious when they are writing this 😁)

#2 Customizable Hardware
Jolla phones offer removable rear panel which can be customized as per the users wish.

#1 Facebook Everywhere
The makers have integrated Facebook to the basic level of the phone. Facebook photos can be opened from the phones default gallery without even opening the app. The Facebook messenger can be used to chat directly from the default SMS app.

Source: Silicon India


2 thoughts on “6 Sailfish OS Features That Android And iOS Lack

  1. JanneEdelman

    Hey, this is positive advertisement for Jolla and SailfishOS. It does not need to be completely true always as we have seen with so many other products and operating systems.

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