Read: 24 Hours With The Jolla Smartphone


This is an article from Forbes about their experience with the Jolla Smartphone after 24 Hours.

They said that the the biggest issue with the Jolla handset is this. Even after a day or two of use,
the Jolla smartphone does not feel like it has the bullet-proof OS
that is needed for a commercial device. The hardware specifications should not be
holding back the OS, but there is a notable delay when launching and switching to applications;
while notifications do work what happens once you click a notification is inconsistent; and third-party app support is a bit of an adventure.

They also said that the phone and the OS itself is not yet ready for a public released There are far too many rough edges for my liking, the handset feels slow, the software has too many moments where there is no visual clue on what to do next,

They said that if you are looking for a competitive and compelling smartphone. Right now Jolla is not that phone but there is a promise in this handset that it could become that phone in 2014.

Like we always said 24 hours is not enough to appreciate Jolla and Sailfish OS. Also keep in mind that Sailfish OS is still in Beta.



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