Buy a Jolla from the Jolla Webshop and get €40 off discount!


Sailors! If you want to buy a Jolla then this is the perfect time. Jolla is offering a €40 off discount for a limited time.
You can get the Jolla phone for only €359. What are you waiting for buy now!

Read the full text below!


 Dear developers,

FOSDEM 2014 [1] is just around the corner! Even though we didn't plan on
having an official presence at the event with a booth etc., several
Jolla sailors have made their own arrangements to be in Brussels this
weekend. For the love of community, and the love of open source! (and
perhaps the Belgium waffles, fries and beers...)

In conjunction with this great event, and to show our appreciation for
our wonderful Jolla community and Sailfish developers, we are offering a
special discount. For a very limited time, you can get 40 EUR off when
you purchase a Jolla from our webshop [2].

The discount code is "FOSDEM2014", and here's the fine (as in
well-written, not small and hidden ;) print:

* Each customer can use the coupon code just once
* Discount applies only to one phone in cart
* This offer cannot be combined with any other offer
* Coupon validity from NOW until 9.2.

If you can't be at FOSDEM (like myself), you can still enjoy the special
offer. Gift yourself or a loved one a Jolla! And if you are on your way
to Brussels, don't miss Carsten's talk on Saturday @ 15:00 [3], followed
by Sailfish community round-table @ 16:30 and Sailfish community dinner
@ 19:30 [4]!

Happy Chinese New Year and greetings from Taipei,


Carol "cybette" Chen 

Tips And Tricks #12 Installing Terminal and Native File Manager


File Manager is a must have app for every phone, Obviously it allows you to manage your files on your phone. Sailfish OS File Manager is hidden and you cannot download it on Jolla Store. You can only install it by using Terminal which is also hidden.

Installing Terminal

1. Go to Settings menu
2. Click Developer Mode, click Accept
3. Wait 🙂
4. After that Terminal is now installed on your Jolla

You are going to see this Icon on your App List

Installing Terminal on Jolla Sailfish Os

Installing File Manager

1. Go to the Terminal App
2. Type ” pkcon install jolla-fileman ”
3. Wait
4. After that File Manager is now installed on your Jolla

File Manager Jolla Sailfish OS


Sailfish OS SDK January Update 2 Available Now


Sailfish Devs!! Sailfish OS SDK receives a minor update today. The update concerns again only the SDK Control Center, which gets some performance improvements, layout changes and provides a “Check for Updates Now” button in the Updates page.

Read the full text below


another minor update to the SDK Build Engine was released today.

The update concerns again only the SDK Control Center, which gets some 
performance improvements, layout changes and 
provides a "Check for 
updates now" button in the Updates page.

You should see updates available for the Build Engine in the SDK Control 
Center Updates tab after your build engine has been running about 10 
minutes. Please do not visit the Updates tab 
before the 10 minutes has 
passed, otherwise the updates will show up 
later. The 'Check for updates 
now' button was put there to avoid this wait 
period in the future.

As always, if you have any questions, you can send email to this mailing 
list <> or write it up on and tag your issue with 'sdk'.

Happy hacking,
Jolla SDK Team.

Download the SDK at

Sailfish OS Update v1.0.3.3 Naamankajärvi will sail to your Jolla soon


The much awaited third software update will sail to your Jolla soon. According to a report at Jolla Suomi, one of the recent buyer of the phone experienced a lot of problems. She took the battery and removed it which resulted to a reboot loop. She tried everything to get the phone to work. In the end she took the phone to DNA when she recieved the phone back it was updated to v1.0.3.3

It seems that DNA is already tested the next update which is expected to be release this week.

Here are some of the new features that this update will bring according to a post at Jolla Together

– Landscape support for Browser, Keyboard and Gesture
– Android Icon for Android Apps in the Jolla Store
– Ability to disable quick call from call log When disabled, tapping on the call log entry will open the corresponding contact card.
– Slash in the keyboard

Source: Jolla Suomi

Emoji Keyboard Brings New Features In The Latest Update


Emoji Keyboard is a popular application which brings Emoji Support for Sailfish OS. It was released last week in the OpenRepos and it was downloaded in over 25 Countries worldwide.

It includes full set of iOS 5+ and Whatsapp Emoji characters. Here’s everything
that’s new in the latest release:

– Remembers last symbol set and page used
– Favorite page has last 30 symbols typed
– Enter key added
– Font changed from Truetype to Opentyped
– Active layout indicator added on top of keyboard

You can download it at Warehouse for Sailfish OS or by clicking the image below

Finland, Here’s Your Chance To Win a Jolla From @Holvi


If you’re from Finland and you want to win a Jolla, Holvi is giving away a Jolla or an iPad (16 GB)

Holvi is a service specifically targeting small businesses, associations and events with built-in VAT calculation, an online shop, billing mand a lovely UI. You can associate as many accounts with your Holvi profile, making it possible to separate finances for different projects, while at the same time giving you an overview of the account.

All you need to do to enter is sign up on their banking service.

Source: Kristoffer Lawson and Techcrunch

Good luck everyone!

Watch: Sailfish OS Ported To Nexus 4


Here’s a video showing Sailfish OS sailing on the Nexus 4. The installation only took about 2-3 minutes. The video only shows the initial set up of the phone.


Jolla also reported that this year they are going to support several Android Phones like the Nexus 4,Nexus 5, Nexus 7. We’ve already seen the Nexus 7 running the Sailfish OS, it was shown by the Jolla Officials last month.

Sailfish OS Ported to Nexus 4

Sailfish OS Ported to Nexus 4