Jolla Phone Teardown + Pictures


Der_pepe posted some photos showing the hardware internals of the Jolla Phone.

According to him
• The phone seems to be manufactured by “Truly Electronics”
• The memory is a “Micron MT42L256M32D2LK-18” (labeled as D9QMM) it’s a low power DDR2 memory in a 216-ball FBGA package, soldered in top of the processor
•The RF amplifier it’s an ACPM-7251 manufactured by “Avago Technologies” it supports GSM (850/900), EDGE (1800/1900), UMTS (850/900/2100) and LTE (850) (Datasheet)
•The audio CODEC it’s a Qualcomm WCD9304.
•The PMIC it’s a Qualcomm PM8038
•The NFC controller it’s an PN544 (labeled as 44701) manufactured by NXP Semiconductors.
It supports read/write of ISO 14443–A, 14443-B, MIFARE, FeliCa and NFC Forum tags, and
it can emulate such devices. There’s a good chance it’s already hooked up into the I2C bus, so it
might be “hacked” and be used for something else than just reading TOHs

Source: Talk Maemo


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