Warehouse, An OpenRepos Client for Jolla


Warehouse is an Openrepos client for Jolla, This is not the first time you heard about Warehouse if you are using N9 since its also available for MeeGo. OpenRepos is a community driven personal repository system for Harmattan and Sailfish operating systems. Since OBS Meego have been closed, lots of developers lack the place for personal repositories, where they can store and release their software.

Warehouse supports the following features
1) Application browsing
2) Application details. You have to enable developer repository first.
3) Process of fetching repository info
4) Repository connected, download size of pachage (this does not count required deps yet).
5) Downloading & Installing application
6) Installation finishes
7) You can also uninstall any installed app


Though there are some features that is not yet supported like Cover and cover action, Not all transactions are named yet, so you can see just “pending” instead of real stuff like “install application” or “enable repository”
,No settings & translations and
Notifications on available updates. It is still a must have app, also the developer promised that an update is under development.

You can download it here


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