Jolla Will Be At MWC 2014


Jolla’s Chief Technology Officer Stefano Mosconi posted on his blog that Jolla is going to MWC 2014 at Barcelona, Spain. Last year Jolla turn heads when they attended at MWC 2013. They also launched the Sailfish OS SDK and they also talked about the Jolla Phone.

We will be in Barcelona again for MWC (want to meet us? Contact our press dept. 😉 ) and besides eating tapas and drinking good wine and beer we will demo some of the cool new things we have been working on.

The Road Ahead

Sure we have done a lot in very short time. But what is coming next?

 This is just the beginning. We committed to release updates often: we did. And we will keep doing.

 More features will come. We will react to the feedback we get on the various channel, we will build this OS with our users, we will keep talking, responding and fighting.


Thanks for the tip Ru!


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