Read: Jolla Review Some Rough Edges, But This Linux Smartphone Shows Promise


Here’s the review of Jolla Phone and Sailfish OS by Ewan Spence of you can read his first impressions about the device here.

The Jolla handset is a work in progress. While the hardware is fixed, the full functionality is not available or addresses yet by the operating system. The Jolla’s  OS (Sailfish OS) is the key reason to buy this handset, and it still requires a lot of work to bring it up to modern UI standards in terms of flow, connectedness, and ease of use.

Just like what the most reviewers said the Jolla Phone is not yet ready for Mainstream Market

Do not buy this handset if you are looking for something that ‘just works’. It’s not yet a platform that can return Finland to the top of the smartphone sales chart. But it is a handset that Finland should be proud of. It has shipped, it broadly works, and there is a feeling that Jolla the company is constantly at work to improve their handset every day.

For a smartphone in beta, that’s probably acceptable, but I feel this needs a lot more work to be usable by the general public. Be it through expectations set by Android, or the subtle pointers in iOS, mainstream handsets are very user-friendly.

Jolla Support and Community #Jolla2gether

Over the air updates are very easy to install, and I’ve seen three of them now – one of them simply to update a few store certificates. There’s no feeling of being left alone with this handset to get on with it, there is a strong focus on interaction with the company, and with the growing Jolla community.

The ecosystem really does remind me of the later days of the PDA, when Palm and Psion were king, when there were bedroom coders making a living, and everyone was contributing and sharing projects, hints, and advice. If Jolla can build on that through the years, they should have a strong niche to market to in the future.

Ewan said that the Jolla is very much a mid-range handset, the camera is acceptable but not stunning, the same with the display. He also likes the design of the phone.

Design-wise I’m enjoying the split nature of the Jolla. Holding the device it looks as if there are two thin sections of plastic together

To end the review

Buy the Jolla handset if you want to live out on the cutting edge with a bit of handholding from a dedicated community and a responsive manufacturer. Buy the Jolla handset if you are happy with gaps in an ecosystem and are ready to work around them in the short term.

Buy the Jolla handset if you want to see what one possible smartphone future could be, and to help Jola’s vision come to fruition.

If that sound fun, cutting-edge, and something you want to be involved in, then the Jolla is the handset for you.

Source: – Jolla Review Some Rough Edges, But This Linux Smartphone Shows Promise


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