#NewBugDetected: Jolla Navigation Bug


Simo Ruoho discovered another bug again this time its about navigation. According to him there are some users reporting that when they are using Android navigation software running on Jolla it shows the car location at closeby roads and crossings, or shows you driving sideways / backwards.

The Problem

In a modern smartphone there are three ways to determine the phone current direction: (1) Directly from the magnetometer data, (2) calculated from that and the accelerometer data, or (3) calculated from two data readings received from GPS. Navi apps are using this method.

Some Navi apps are able to use compass (Magnetometer sensor) as a supportive reading for the direction (e.g. when gps data is missing). Jolla’s compass should work fine, but it’s currently providing data to only some of the Android apps. (This is another known bug already under work. I’m expecting it to be fixed after Qt 5.3. release). However, this is not related to the velocity bug.

Sound off in the comments if you are experiencing this bug.

Source: Review Jolla



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