My Dream Other Half: Ambient Light Other Half


There’s a little contest running at Jolla Together Forums, where Jolla Fans can submit their dream Other Halves. Marc Dillon Jolla’s Co-founder and Head of Software is going to choose his favorite Other Half Concept. There are over 100 ideas submitted but only 8 made its way to the finals. Lets take a look!

#1 OLED Other Half
#2 Solar Charging Other Half
#3 Metal Other Half
#4 Keyboard Other half
#5 Other Half with Different Color (Its not a dream anymore, Keira Black and Aloe)
#6 Other Half with extra battery
#7 Wireless Charging Other Half

The Winner: The Ambience Light Other Half

Integrated fiberglass combined with LED so that the whole TOH or parts of it glow in adjustable colors. Could also be used as WakeUp Light

The one I would order (other than the keyboard, many of us want that), based on the TOH spirit and the “why didn’t I think of that” would be the Ambience Light TOH/WakeUp Light – Marc Dillon

Do you want an Ambience Light Other Half? Let us know in the comments!

Image Credit: Review Jolla


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