Watch: Sailfish OS Running on Samsung Galaxy S3


Last month,Jolla announced that they are going to release a Sailfish OS Rom for Android Devices. At MWC 2014, Jolla displayed a couple of Android Devices where they successfully ported Sailfish OS like the Nexus 4, Nexus 7, Samsung Galaxy S3 and Xiaomi.

Thomas Perl, uploaded a video about their progress on Sailfish OS for Android

Are you excited to port Sailfish OS on your Android Phone? Tell us in the comments below!

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14 thoughts on “Watch: Sailfish OS Running on Samsung Galaxy S3

  1. Mark

    This looks great. I am very much looking forward to see Sailfish OS on my Samsung SIII. Will there be a way of switching between the installed Android and Sailfish? Or is there a kind of emulator which can be run on the desktop. Although I love Jolla as a potential alternative to Android, I would like to check out, if and how all the things I am doing with my Android currently are working with Sailfish before switching.

  2. Markkyboy

    So, SF for Samsung Galaxy eh, cool!, would this version run on S2, if not, are then any groups/individuals working on a port for the S2??, I’d be happy to BETA test!!

  3. Joshua

    Quite exciting. I have never been an Android fan , Sailfish looks like a system I have been wanting . I will be more than glad if information is posted regarding porting of this system on Samsung Galaxy’s other models (not high ends).

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