Sailfish OS Launcher on Android Beta


Last month, Jolla announced that they are going to release a Sailfish OS Launcher so that Android Users can experience Sailfish OS on their phones.

At MWC, Jolla showcased some Android Phones running Sailfish OS like the Nexus 4, TCL, Samsung Galaxy S3 etc. They also demonstrated the Sailfish OS Launcher for the first time, James from Jolla Users uploaded a video showing the full Sailfish OS Launcher on the Xperia Z1

Watch it below

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Secure your Data with F-Secure’s Younited App for Jolla


It’s time that all clouds become one. With younited, you’ll always have your music, pictures, videos and other stuff with you.Younited is the cloud service that can be trusted. It is hosted in Finland, home to strict privacy laws and strongly held cultural values of privacy, and has been conceived and built for privacy from the ground up.

Jolla will soon be offering its smartphone users 5 GB of free, secure younited cloud storage. Right now, we’re working things out with Jolla to make sure younited perfectly fits the needs of Jolla users. Jolla users will get all the perks of younited, like sharing, automatic sync, and integration with the content from their other devices as well as from their Dropbox, Facebook, and Picasa accounts.

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Secure your Data with F-Secure’s Younited App for Jolla –

Emoji Keyboard Brings New Features In The Latest Update


Emoji Keyboard is a popular application which brings Emoji Support for Sailfish OS. It was released last week in the OpenRepos and it was downloaded in over 25 Countries worldwide.

It includes full set of iOS 5+ and Whatsapp Emoji characters. Here’s everything
that’s new in the latest release:

– Remembers last symbol set and page used
– Favorite page has last 30 symbols typed
– Enter key added
– Font changed from Truetype to Opentyped
– Active layout indicator added on top of keyboard

You can download it at Warehouse for Sailfish OS or by clicking the image below

#NewBugDetected: Jolla Navigation Bug


Simo Ruoho discovered another bug again this time its about navigation. According to him there are some users reporting that when they are using Android navigation software running on Jolla it shows the car location at closeby roads and crossings, or shows you driving sideways / backwards.

The Problem

In a modern smartphone there are three ways to determine the phone current direction: (1) Directly from the magnetometer data, (2) calculated from that and the accelerometer data, or (3) calculated from two data readings received from GPS. Navi apps are using this method.

Some Navi apps are able to use compass (Magnetometer sensor) as a supportive reading for the direction (e.g. when gps data is missing). Jolla’s compass should work fine, but it’s currently providing data to only some of the Android apps. (This is another known bug already under work. I’m expecting it to be fixed after Qt 5.3. release). However, this is not related to the velocity bug.

Sound off in the comments if you are experiencing this bug.

Source: Review Jolla


The Sailfish OS Apps Icon Story


Here’s a post from on how to create Icons for your app and they compare it to baking cakes.

1. First, we need a background  shape. Everyone screams for  it, so let’s create one.

Base shape is problematic.  One shape can be good for
some icons and bad for some  others. Always it ends up with  a compromise. Often it may  also take more attention than  icon metaphor visuals. Let’s build a system with  multiple shapes. We are not  only aiming for consistency  but also for hierarchical cues
tailored for each icon  metaphor visual.


Let’s pick the most popular shape: a rectangle.

3.  up next: a circle. Let’s turn up the heat and merge them

And you can find all the directions on the pdf document. You can also download a template with different formats



Download the Unofficial Jolla Together App for Jolla


Last month, Jolla officially open the site The site was opened so that Jolla Phone users can send feedbacks,suggest features, report issues and vote on which features they would like to see in Jolla.

Unofficial Jolla Together app is a must have if you always visit the site.
Here are the features of the app

* List questions

* Filter by Closed, Answered, Unanswered

* Search function

* Sort by activity, date, answers, vote

* Comment/Vote (via built in browser)

You can download it here

PS. Jolla is looking for a Moderator for Jolla Together if you think you are capable you can apply here