Popular Chess Game GnuChess Ported to Sailfish OS


Tactical thinkers and strategists rejoice! GnuChess has been ported to Sailfish OS, GnuChess is a popular chess game enables the users to play chess against the computer. According to Xerxes2 it was originaly developed for Harmattan. GNU Chess is a free software chess engine which plays a full game of chess against a human being or other computer program. The goal of GNU Chess is to serve as a basis for research. It has been used in numerous research contexts.


1. Download the GnuChess app from OpenRepos

2. Enable the Jolla Developer Mode and allow SSH-connection

3. Connect your Jolla device to your computer, via USB

4. Copy the GnuChess rpm package to the Jolla device

5. Install the package via the command line interface:

$ pkcon install-local gnuchess-6.1.1-1.armv7hl.rpm

Source: Linuxg.net

Tips And Tricks #8 Downloading Android Apps From Google Play Store Website


The good thing about Jolla is that there are a lot of App Stores where you can download an application like Jolla Store, Yandex, Amazon App Store and Aptoide but one thing is missing the Google Play Store.

Downloading APK Files from the computer is not a new thing. It allows you have those paid app and apps that are not available for your Android phone.
We will teach you How to download and install APK Files.

1. Open APK downloader apps.evozi.com/apk-downloader/ in your web browser
2. Open Google Play in a new tab and look for the application you want
3. Copy the url of the application from the Play Store and paste it to APK downloader
4. Click “Generate download Link” button
5. Wait
6. Click “Click here to download {name of your application package} now
7. Save the .apk file to your
8. Upload the downloaded .apk file to Dropbox/Skydrive.
9. Open Dropbox /Skydrive
application in Jolla
10. Click on the .apk package in Dropbox/Skydrive
11. Jolla automatically installs the application
12. That´s it.

You can also send the apk’s over with bluetooth. Once transferred, tap on the package (Settings /
System settings / Downloads) and
the installation begins.
Thanks MRMI!
Source: Marcus Lundqvist