Weekend Watch: Setting Ambience From Image Found In Web


Jukka Aaltonen uploaded a video showing a 9 Year Old Boy testing Sailfish OS and getting an image from internet and setting it
as Ambiance. Just a brief 5 minute long presentation of basic swipe gestures was enough for him to be able to perform this task effortlessly.

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Sail On!

Tips And Tricks #4 Ambience and The Other Half


Here’s a quick guide about personalizing your Jolla.

You can change your Jolla to reflect what you’re doing or how you’re feeling. Your colours and your sounds. Joining The Other Half to your Jolla begins the transformation.


Ambience begins with an image; your Jolla selects a highlight colour and uses that throughout. Your image then underlies all your applications.

You can have an Ambience for every mood – party mood, serious mood, work mood and so on. Play around and enjoy.

Treasure” Your Jolla is designed to make it seem like the applications appear on a layer of textured glass – that’s why you can see through them to the Ambience”

Create a new Ambience
Images live in Gallery, that’s where the magic starts. Go to and find a photo that you love.
Tap a fullscreen photo to see the split screen, then pull down and tap to create a new Ambience which will activate at once and also appear in the Ambience gallery.

Ambience: Favourites and sounds

A simple Ambience changes the highlight colour and the background but you can do more with a favourite. Ambience.

From the main Gallery page tap on the Ambience gallery to pick an Ambience.

Tap the Star to make it your favorite and tap it again to remove it from your favourite
You can give a favourite Ambience a name and you can select a set of sounds too. Tap each sound event and pick from the list or from your music collection. Remember to save the Ambience

Treasure From the Home and Lock screens, swiping from either side shows your favourite Ambiences. Tap on one to activate it.

The Other Half

The Other Half is a smart cover – it changes your Jolla phone with a few easy moves.

Make sure you have a Jolla Account so The Other Half can download content from the Jolla store.

When you replace the back cover of your Jolla with a Jolla Ambience Other Half, it starts communicating and tells you what new Ambiences it has for you. You get a preview of the new Ambiences and it asks you if you want to add them to the ones you already have.

When the Ambience Other Half has finished installing the new content, you can create new favourite Ambiences with ringtones and colours for your different moods.

From now on changing the Other Half changes the Ambience.