Tips And Tricks #9 Installing And Downloading Apps From 1Mobile Android Market


We’ve been covering bits and pieces on how to download Apps from different App store such as Amazon App store, Jolla store, Aptoide and Google Play Store and now we bring you 1Mobile Android App store

What is 1Mobile?

  • Over 500,000 free android apps direct downloads

    1Mobile Market is a collection of more than 500,000 free android apps direct downloads, with more exciting, practical and unique apps added everyday.

  • Unique and original contents

    The professional editorial team have curated the latest and hottest apps through specialist in-depth approach and recommendations that count.

  • Language and content support for 13 languages.

    In accordance with different languages a more unique and accurate Android app download experience has been provided.

  • Larger Screen, Easy Browsing

How To Download?

1.First things first you need to go to on your phone browser.

2. Tap “For Phone” to download

3. Wait for the App to install and open the app

4. Search for the App that you want to download

5. Tap “free” to begin the download

6. When the install is done, tap “Open” to start the app​



Thanks for the Tip Mauritz N.!



Tips And Tricks #8 Downloading Android Apps From Google Play Store Website


The good thing about Jolla is that there are a lot of App Stores where you can download an application like Jolla Store, Yandex, Amazon App Store and Aptoide but one thing is missing the Google Play Store.

Downloading APK Files from the computer is not a new thing. It allows you have those paid app and apps that are not available for your Android phone.
We will teach you How to download and install APK Files.

1. Open APK downloader in your web browser
2. Open Google Play in a new tab and look for the application you want
3. Copy the url of the application from the Play Store and paste it to APK downloader
4. Click “Generate download Link” button
5. Wait
6. Click “Click here to download {name of your application package} now
7. Save the .apk file to your
8. Upload the downloaded .apk file to Dropbox/Skydrive.
9. Open Dropbox /Skydrive
application in Jolla
10. Click on the .apk package in Dropbox/Skydrive
11. Jolla automatically installs the application
12. That´s it.

You can also send the apk’s over with bluetooth. Once transferred, tap on the package (Settings /
System settings / Downloads) and
the installation begins.
Thanks MRMI!
Source: Marcus Lundqvist

Sailfish OS, Voted As The Second Best Linux OS Next To Android


You heard it right, Sailfish OS and Jolla comes in 2nd in: Mobile Linux OS, Linux Smartphone
Manufacturer / Linux Product of the Year.

Android dominated at 46.6% followed by Sailfish OS at 17.5% CyanogenMod 14.2%
FirefoxOS 6.3% MeeGo 2.6%
Ubuntu Touch 2.6%Other 2%
Maemo 1.5%
Ubuntu for Phones 1.4%
Ubuntu for Android 1%
PCLinuxOS 1.3%
Mer .9%
Replicant .9%
Tizen .7%
Gentoo .6%

Suprisingly MeeGo comes in 5th and Maemo at 8th. While Mer at 12 place and Tizen at 14th place.

Let us Congratulate Jolla!


Watch: WhatsApp Demo on Jolla


Its Marcus Lundqvist again, but this time he is showing the video demo of WhatsApp on Jolla. He experienced several problems like

1. You cannot start a new conversation but according to Marcus can send messages only to those of my friend who have send me first something

2. You cannot view your contacts.

Watch the video below:

You Can Install Sailfish OS On Your Android Device Soon


We reported about it last November 27, but it seems that this is just the time that they notice it. For the sake of News we are going to report it again.

You can read our first post here:

To summarize it

Sailfish Os On Android Phones

In the interview Tomi said that Jolla is also planning to let individual users to download Sailfish operating system into their Android-devices.


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