Super Social: Top 5 Social Apps For Your Jolla


So here’s TJB’s list of the best Social Apps for your Jolla from Native apps to Android Port. So, grab your Jolla and get your fingers at the ready.

Mitäkuuluu (Whats up)

What is it? A native third party client for WhatsApp

Why We Love It?  WhatsApp is a popular cross platform messaging app. Though you can install the Android version, there are some problems like you cant send a new message and you cant view your contacts.

Who it’s perfect for:  Social Addicts

Download it here


What Is It?  A native third party client for Twitter

Why We Love It?  Twitter is integrated to Sailfish OS but it is still missing a lot of features, Tweetian came to rescue. If you think Tweetian is not enough you can also install the Twitter App for Android. Just go to your favorite Android App Store

Who it’s perfect for:  Everyone

Download Tweetian  here 


What Is It?  A photo app that’s all about retro filters and sharing

Why We Love It?  With 55 Million photos uploaded every day, Instagram is the perfect for photo sharing. This app is designed for Photographers ( It will ruin your photos), Following photographers, People who like to take Selfies.

Who it’s perfect for: Aspiring photographers

You can download Instagram on your favorite Android Market


What Is It? A native third party client for Foursquare

Why We Love It?  Foursquare is Mother of all location based social media application.  Foursquare helps you and your friends make the most of where you are. When you’re out and about, use Foursquare to share and save the places you visit.

Who it’s perfect for:  Explorers

Download FourSail here


What Is It? A native Facebook Client

Why We Love It? As we mentioned yesterday Sailfish OS offers deep Facebook integration but its not enough. Friends allows you to do more, Don’t worry about bugs because the Developer promised that a bug fix update is on the way. If Friends is not enough you can still download the Official Facebook Android App on your favorite Android Market

Who it’s perfect for: Everyone

Download it here

Image Credit: Jolla Users and Phandroid