Weekend Read: Why Jolla Can Do What Nokia Couldn’t


Carol Chen was interviewed by Linux Format and she was asked: Why Jolla can do what Nokia couldn’t

In the interview she was asked about the community and if there are community involvement at the moment. Carol Chen said that they are still in the process of building the community and they want it to be open as possible. She was also asked about the development of Sailfish OS, and Android. Development. Chen said that Android is open but the development is not. They want to have an open development, open source and open communication with Sailfish OS

Jolla/Nokia Split and MeeGo

Most of the people are from Meego background, but we aren’t a spin off from Nokia Chen said. MeeGo was trashed because its a big company and that’s the reason why they want to be as a small company

Sailfish OS on Tablets

“We’re focused on smartphones. However, Sailfish is very flexible, and it can run on a wide range of hardware. We’re creating the Sailfish Alliance which we welcome partners to join and people are welcome to develop Sailfish OS for their own hardware. This could be tablets or some smart TV etc”

Open Source OS (Sailfish OS, Ubuntu, Firefox OS)

“We can offer them different software to match their solution. Actually, the Ubuntu phone has a very similar software stack because they’re both based on Linux and they also use the Qt framework. We’re happy to have discussions to work together to get things in common with Qt, so if you write an app in Qt it works on an Ubuntu and Sailfish phone”

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Techcrunch: Jolla – The Spearhead Device For Its MeeGo- Successor Sailfish OS


We previously covered The Verge Review of Jolla and from a different Tech Sites and now we bring you to the TechCrunch review.


“The Jolla phone hardware reforms the standard smartphone slab into an attractive plastic sandwich, as if two blocks of different coloured liquorice have been smacked together. The back piece – which was plain white on the above demo device but comes in bright pink for Finnish carrier DNA’s first batch of the phones, and in customisable colours in future when Jolla starts direct sales via its own website – is known as The Other Half.”

The Other Half

According to the interview with Marc Drillon, Jolla is working on the developers kit so that anybody can do this. They are also working on accessories, and they expect third parties to work on accessories. Some of the concept other halves are a QWERTY Keyboard, a weather station sensor or even an e-ink screen.

Jolla Preorders

According to TechCrunch, Despite this b2b sales pitch, Jolla is committed to its own consumer play too – believing there is appetite for something new and different to shake up the samey-same smartphone space.

Dillon said about 80% of those who pre-ordered its handset earlier this year – in some instances without putting any down money down – have been converted into sales. Jolla hasn’t confirmed exactly how many devices were pre-ordered, saying only that it was a “typical” sized production batch – of up to 50,000 units. But it did take in €1 million’s worth of sales on the phone’s launch day, according to Dillon.

Doing a back-of-an-envelope calculation, by dividing that figure by the phone’s standard €399 price-tag, equates to 2,500 Jolla handsets sold in one day. Albeit, the pre-sales campaign muddies the water a little. Either way, generating €1 million in revenue in a day ain’t bad for a new kid on the phone block.

“And I believe that people are looking for something different. Imagine if you could only buy two car choices in the world. People can only buy what’s offered to them – and they’ve have had the same kind of experience for five years. So there’s a curiosity to see what happens next.” Drillon told to TechCrunch

Jolla Cares

According to TechCruch Jolla is working on getting a community portal rolled out to its website, which will include a forum where users can help each other out with queries – to supplement its already launched online care channel. It’s also making a series of how to videos to explain Sailfish navigation and gestures. And will be staffing a variety of social media contact points where people might be looking for answers, says Dillon. Plus there’s an on-device tutorial that walks users through the gesture basics


Building a new smartphone on a new platform is already an impressive achievement. But Jolla isn’t about to stop and admire the view. This startup has no intention of letting a single lovingly crafted handset remain its crowning glory. Onward Sails! – TechCrunch

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Image Source: TechCrunch

Read: Jolla’s CEO: “Nobody has been able to do this before”


Jolla CEO Tomi Pienimäki has been interviewed by Juha-Matti Mäntylä of Talouselämä. In the interview Jolla CEO says that “This device and Sailfish operating system are based on the Meego operating system. Unlike competitors, Meego was originally designed for mobile phones”,

Sailfish Os On Android Phones

In the interview Tomi said that Jolla is also planning to let individual users to download Sailfish operating system into their Android-devices.

Read More Here: http://www.talouselama.fi/uutiset/jollas+ceo+nobody+has+been+able+to+do+this+before/a2218235

Source: Talouselämä