Watch: N9 Multi/Triple Boot


Yoyocx S Praditya Putra successfully booted Harmattan, Sailfish OS and Android 4.1 Jellybean on his N9. Though this isn’t the first time that we heard about this since Michael from MNB successfully booted Nemo, Harmattan and Nitroid, its still suprising how people support N9. You can watch the video below

Ubiboot Released A Special Version For Sailfish OS


If you dont know Ubiboot is a boot manager for N9(50) devices. Using the example configuration it is fairly easy to hexa-boot the device between Harmattan/
Nitdroid/Nemo/Firefox/Ubuntu/Sailfish Operating
Systems, and change kernels.

According to Juice Me, There are many people who are having trouble when setting up ubiboot environment correctly, He
released a special SailfishOS-version of ubiboot-02-0.3.5

This archive contains an ubiboot setup specifically tailored to boot
the SailfishOS/N9 configuration.
The resulting ubiboot menuscript contains only 2 icons, one for SailfishOS
and one for Harmattan. Both icons autoboot into the specified OS.

Read the full text here
Download Ubiboot

Watch: Sailfish OS running on Nokia N9 + Guide


Michael Faro-Tusino from uploaded a video showing the Nokia N9 running the Sailfish OS and he also posted a guide on installing Sailfish OS on your N9.

Remember that this is not the official port so you will experience some bugs such as:
Android layer not working
Swipe down to close, actually being swipe right-to-left
Time not setting properly
Camera and GPS does not work
Apps may need to be launched
twice (crashes first time)

Now, the easiest way to install it is to follow the guide for installing Nemo.
and replacing the Nemo.tar.bz2 file mentioned,
with the file from here