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If we are going to rank the most in-depth review of the Jolla Phone, The German Review will be the No. 1 followed by Jolla Users review but everything has change. I think this is the Most In-depth Review of the Jolla Phone and maybe the best?

Design, Other Half

“The appearance of the phone Jolla emphasized the illusion that the phone would consist of two distinct, possibly in a different-colored and equally thick pieces. In reality, however, can be found in Jolla of relatively normal back cover, which Jolla, however, invites you to the second halves (The Other Half)”

” First off, however, have started in a simpler and shells contained in the intelligence associated with the time being the fact that the shell by changing the software in the phone’s user interface look and, if desired, change the audio settings. Construction has pre-installed with the theme, and, therefore, when the dinghy attached to the red of the back cover, change the user interface also and white back cover connecting the blue and white. Which invites a broader moods themes (Ambiance), and the user interface appearance and are related to the different sound settings – tones, ringtones, and alert tones can be selected , and they can also be adjusted with the envelope as current.”

“Jolla device includes the other halves of the knowledge and power transfer interfaces (I2C) and the NFC, so further development opportunities are staggering. There is potential for the extra battery, a bigger flash, or even the much-vaunted full physical keyboard containing the other halves, but so far these results, or even the development is not yet any information. So far, they are just fantasies and dreams, which has so far been difficult to give much weight”

iPhone 5 VS. Jolla Phone

Jolla Sales Package

Jolla Phone Box

Charger, USB Cable, Leaflets, Stickers


“Jolla display color reproduction was assessed as excellent for testing. It reiterated measured in the sRGB color space, 101.6 per cent, to reach the other manufacturers, only a few of the most expensive. Also, the color accuracy was good, and the deviations were seen only in of size, not visible to the naked eye.

The white balance, contrast, and brightness of the display with respect Jolla, in turn, did less well in tests. The white balance value Jolla was 8 400 Kelvin, which means repeating white, pure white instead of bluish Jolla clearly on the screen. With the glory reached 350 nits, the best smart phones will reach more than 600 and the top models typically 400-500’s readings. With 640:1 contrast was read, as the general good level of more than 1000:1 and the best smart phones will rise even up to 2000:1. Low contrast display to indicated Jolla”

Sailfish OS

“Which emphasizes the Sailfish on three things: 1) Genuine smart multitasking 2) gesture-based control 3) Android application support. Of these, the first to look at multi-tasking and gestures Sailfishin the basis of form”


“Lockscreen are available at the time, icons, data connections, as well as other factors, such as alarms. Also featured are the icons on the left side of notifications, which do not say much or not expandable in any way – at least not so far. So would like to see in the future a lot of improvement. For battery and cell phone network status can be found in view of the lock and home screen between the (not visible in the pictures)”



“Jolla home screen of the present application is a 0-9 cover the amount of varying sizes, as well as the first four app icon. Sailfish portable applications can also provide separate short-cuts, say, the creation of a new message, music control, or to update the web page. They are discussed later in more self-application framework. Applications, a full closure of the home screen, press and hold the application is successful the cover to display  appear. In addition, by pulling from the top to close all applications at once”


Events Screen

App List

“Sailfish works Jolla generally smooth and fast and hard to Qualcomm’s 1.4 GHz Snapdragon 400 dual-core processor, spurred on, but certain things do bother extended applications. For example, applications always open in the main view, jumping through, which seems agonizingly tedious”

Sailfish OS Software Update

Telephone Screen/ Calling Screen

“Telephone main view are shown a list of the latest contact information or numbers with which we are consulted during the most recent to the oldest. Press the information is transmitted immediately issued a call person”

People in the main view shows a list of your recent calls and messages with different people. If you have selected a favorite person, these images are shown separately for the top. These can be found below, which can be reached quickly by pressing the letters of a person’s desired letter of the alphabet. At the top of the drop can be found, as well as to increase a person’s chance of bringing out your search.


Messaging Application

“Messages are displayed in the main view conversations in chronological order from the most recent to the oldest. Can not start a new conversation, select write a new message at the top pull-down menu.

Conversation shows up with posts from oldest to newest, as well as the opportunity to answer.Details of the type of message can also easily switch between SMS and Facebook. Contact on negotiations with the text messages and Facebook chats are displayed nicely together, in the same conversation stream. In addition to the Messages application shows the color code of the counterparty activity status on Facebook”


E-mail App

“E-mail in the main view from the selected folder for messages in any order. The organization of criterion can be selected via the drop-down at the top of a wide range of (time, sender, size, status, importance, attachments, subject). Drive menu, you can also find the option to create a new message, update data, as well as the selection of messages to appear where you can select multiple messages at a time to delete. The message from the list, press and hold menu will appear to move, marking as unread or delete”



Maps by Here Maps

Jolla Maps/ Here Maps

“Maps, there are two main views: the home and the map itself. Swipe to move on the map and can zoom in and out with two-finger movement. The map can not be translated or turn it Jolla contained in the compass basis. By keeping your finger pressed on the map for a long time, is localized to the map to your location. The map opens some point, tap the address of view, which shows the distance from the place, the position can be marked as a favorite, to contact us if the place is suitable data (call, email, open website) to open a list of nearby places or directions search view”


“Calendar app with a split in the main view are displayed month view, as well as events for the selected day. Adding a new event is available from the top menu. Events can add a title, description, start and end date, start and päättymiskellonajan, playback, (daily, weekly, every 2 weeks, monthly, yearly), as well as a reminder (when the event started or 5 minutes – two days before”

Calendar App


“The Clock application provides alarms or alarm clock function, timer, and stopwatch. Alarms can save more, they can identify and select the playback days of the week. Time in hours and minutes are selected circle of the rims, which seems intuitive. The alarm sound can be changed, but it happens to the Clock app instead of the Settings application. Separate torkkuasetuksia is not, but when the alarm sounds can nap in it for five minutes at a time. The count-down time of setting schedules are also valid for the above mentioned alarm with the same options, with the exception, of course, the playback. Stopwatch is a simple, while offering the lap times”

Clock App


Music Player


“Pictures and videos are shown in three parallel columns . Pull-down menu at the top of the images can be found in the possibility of choice, when the time can eliminate the multiple images. In addition, the removal of the option can be found in this view still images by pressing for a long time”


Facebook images presented in the case file folders, and photos can be found in the information and comment quantities, and also the possibility Likes and commenting. Also, the Facebook images can be created directly from the atmosphere

Facebook Photos


Camera application user interface adapts to both portrait and landscape mode. Setting can be found at the top of the screen and the icons at the top, press the open at one time all the menu selections:

  • Photo mode / Video mode
  • Flash: Auto / Off / On
  • White Balance: Auto / Cloudy Sky / Sunshine / Fluorescent / Tungsten
  • Focus: Touch (no video shooting) / Infinite / Continuous
  • Rear Camera / Front Camera

Camera App

Sample Photos

Jolla Phone

iPhone 5S


Jolla Phone

iPhone 5S

Video Sample

More Photos Here

Connectivity Options


Jolla Store
“Which store offers, as well as the Sailfish Jollalle native applications that the Android applications. So far, Android apps are not available in this way, however, hardly at all and Sailfish applications do not find very much”

Jolla Store

Android Apps

He tested a number of popular applications, and the results were these:

Angry Birds: Works
Facebook: The Works
Facebook Messenger: Works
Feedly: NO ACTION, Feedly Google login crashes every time and get that application to log in.
Fruit Ninja: Works of inertia is difficult due to the nature of the game
Hill Climb Racing: Runs
Instagram: Operates the camera is not found inside Instagram – photo must be taken in advance with the Camera application
Simplenote: Works
Spotify: Works, relatively fast
WhatsApp: Works, contacts can not be saved, or they would not get the name, only the number is displayed. UPDATE: The comments stated that some of the versions of WhatsApp to show contact information correctly and some do not – application download site (and version) is therefore a matter with regard to the functioning of certain applications.
Yle Areena: Saved broadcasting in general seem to work, live broadcasts messes up
YouTube: Works, relatively fast



Sailfish operating system basis (as long as it first learns)
The originality of the design in
The second half of the concept potential
Android Apps included
Finnish origin (it was bound to mention!)

Problems Android applications
The quality of smoothness
Intermittent power, in particular the lack of RAM (this situation may improve with updates)
Mediocre display
Operating time
Sailfishin required to use the learning curve
Missing features (4G, navigation, level of use, cloud services …)

Well, If you are waiting for our own review, sorry to disappoint you but we dont have a Phone yet. Since its not available in our country. Here’s hoping that Jolla will send a review unit, After all whats a Jolla Blog without a Jolla Phone right?

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Jolla Phone Review: One Week Experience Of The Phone


Sailors, Jolla Users published their review of the Jolla Phone. I could say that this is one of the most in-depth review of the Jolla Phone, the other one came from a German site

The review is not biased, I repeat the
Review is not biased. One would say that it is biased because it is a blog about Jolla but you are wrong! James honestly tell what’s missing and what’s wrong with the phone (if there are) 😊

He talks about everything from the apps, hardware, box, chargers etc. He also answers some question about the phone. You can read it here

Well if you are waiting or hoping for a review from our site, Sorry to disappoint you but we don’t have a phone yet and I think we will not have since its not available in our country 😞😓 We are hoping that Jolla will send a review unit. After all what’s a Jolla Blog without a Jolla Phone right.