Jolla Phone First Impression


One of the first published Jolla Phone review is from He mentions that sometimes a web browser is more than enough if you don’t have apps, since with web browser you can do everything. He also said that HTML5 Apps is more important than Native Apps

The Hardware

“The device rocks an clean and elegant Nordic design. It is simply beautiful. There are no front facing buttons but on the side there is a power key and volume buttons. The volume buttons double as camera buttons if the camera is open”

The Other Halves

“all kinds of imaginative Other Halves. Hopefully a keyboard will be one of the first Other Halves to come to the market. The battery connectors are also facing the back cover, so it should be easy for any manufacturer to make a giant 10 000 mhA battery filled Other Half. And of course the Other Half could also use Bluetooth or other generic means to communicate with the main device”

The software: SailfishOS

“The swipe based UI is a bit weird the first 5 minutes you use it, but once your muscle memory catches up, you’ll notice your fingers swiping all devices you touch and your brain wondering why those other devices require unnecessary amounts of thought to use.”

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First Jolla Phone Video Review ( Updated )


Well there are a lot of “First” right now. After the first Unboxing Video we now have the First Video Review. (Wondering if someone can record the first call using the Jolla Phone so that we will have the First Call Using the Jolla Phone, Why not?)

Once again Marcus Lundqvist published the first video review of the Jolla Phone on Youtube. Watch him as he share his first impression about the phone

And heres another one from AutorataRacing Team