Buy a Jolla from the Jolla Webshop and get €40 off discount!


Sailors! If you want to buy a Jolla then this is the perfect time. Jolla is offering a €40 off discount for a limited time.
You can get the Jolla phone for only €359. What are you waiting for buy now!

Read the full text below!


 Dear developers,

FOSDEM 2014 [1] is just around the corner! Even though we didn't plan on
having an official presence at the event with a booth etc., several
Jolla sailors have made their own arrangements to be in Brussels this
weekend. For the love of community, and the love of open source! (and
perhaps the Belgium waffles, fries and beers...)

In conjunction with this great event, and to show our appreciation for
our wonderful Jolla community and Sailfish developers, we are offering a
special discount. For a very limited time, you can get 40 EUR off when
you purchase a Jolla from our webshop [2].

The discount code is "FOSDEM2014", and here's the fine (as in
well-written, not small and hidden ;) print:

* Each customer can use the coupon code just once
* Discount applies only to one phone in cart
* This offer cannot be combined with any other offer
* Coupon validity from NOW until 9.2.

If you can't be at FOSDEM (like myself), you can still enjoy the special
offer. Gift yourself or a loved one a Jolla! And if you are on your way
to Brussels, don't miss Carsten's talk on Saturday @ 15:00 [3], followed
by Sailfish community round-table @ 16:30 and Sailfish community dinner
@ 19:30 [4]!

Happy Chinese New Year and greetings from Taipei,


Carol "cybette" Chen 

Jolla Phone Teardown + Pictures


Der_pepe posted some photos showing the hardware internals of the Jolla Phone.

According to him
• The phone seems to be manufactured by “Truly Electronics”
• The memory is a “Micron MT42L256M32D2LK-18” (labeled as D9QMM) it’s a low power DDR2 memory in a 216-ball FBGA package, soldered in top of the processor
•The RF amplifier it’s an ACPM-7251 manufactured by “Avago Technologies” it supports GSM (850/900), EDGE (1800/1900), UMTS (850/900/2100) and LTE (850) (Datasheet)
•The audio CODEC it’s a Qualcomm WCD9304.
•The PMIC it’s a Qualcomm PM8038
•The NFC controller it’s an PN544 (labeled as 44701) manufactured by NXP Semiconductors.
It supports read/write of ISO 14443–A, 14443-B, MIFARE, FeliCa and NFC Forum tags, and
it can emulate such devices. There’s a good chance it’s already hooked up into the I2C bus, so it
might be “hacked” and be used for something else than just reading TOHs

Source: Talk Maemo

Jolla Phone: Best Selling Phone In Its Price Range


December is the season of buying phones and it seems that a lot of Finns choose to be unlike. According to the Top 10 Best Selling Phone for December by DNA, Jolla Phone is at the fifth spot and it is also the best selling phone at its price range.

DNA Best Selling Phone For December

1. Samsung Galaxy Trend
2. Samsung Galaxy Y
3. Samsung Galaxy S III 4G
4. Nokia Lumia 520
5. Jolla
6. Apple iPhone 5s
7. Samsung Galaxy Ace3 4G
8. Apple iPhone 5c
9. Samsung C3595
10. Samsung Galaxy S4 4G+

Its good to see that a lot of people chose the Jolla Phone instead of the iPhone 5S/5C. We should also remember that Jolla Phone sales only started last December 11 so only half of December make sales. This is a good sign for Jolla, Let us all hope that 2014 will be a great year for Jolla.


Jolla Launches New Port For All The Sailors #Jolla2gether


Hot on the wheels after Jolla launched the new Jolla Shop for all the European Countries Jolla also announced the newest port for all the Sailors! You can visit it by going to Remember that it is not yet open so you can not access it yet 🙂 Don’t worry we will update you if it is already live!

“Jolla believes in co-creation and wants to
empower its users to participate in
developing Jolla continuously
further and better. To facilitate co-creation
and collect feedback, Jolla will be opening a
portal at where customers can
discuss and vote on which features they
would like to see in Jolla,
report issues and submit ideas. ”
Sail on!

N9 App: Billboard Coming To Jolla Phone


If you owned the Nokia N9 then you probably used the Billboard App. Billboard is an app developed by Thomas Perl. It displays the current date, battery level, current song, internet connection information and more on your N9’s standby screen or Glance Screen for Nokia Lumia Devices.

Thomas Perl tweeted that last Tuesday

Are you excited for Billboard for Sailfish OS? Let us know in the comments!