Jolla System Updates Will Be Named After A Finnish Lake (Updated)


According to the User Guide that was released by Jolla yesterday

“Bernd had the idea to name each system update after a different Finnish Lake – There are a lot of them”

Well according to Wikipedia there are 187, 888 lakes in Finland larger than 5 ares (500 square metres). And the largest of them is Lake Saimaa followed by Päijänne, Inari, Pielinen, Oulujärvi, Pihlajavesi, Orivesi, Haukivesi, Keitele and Kallavesi. Sailors what you can do right now is to search the next name of the system update from Jolla.

When there is an update for your device or any app you’ll see a notification on Events. Tapping on the notification will take you the store where you can install the update.

According to @locusf
The current version of software is Kaajanlampi