Read: Jolla Hands-on By GSMArena


Here’s GSMArena’s hands on of the Jolla Phone

  • The Sailfish-powered smartphone makes its way in front of our camera with the hopes of providing something different amidst a sea of Android and Windows Phone handsets. Join us as we take a closer look at what it brings to the table.
  • 141 grams, the Jolla feels about a standard weight in hand, and its length and width are compact enough so as to allow comfortable use with one hand for most operations
  • The Jolla follows an intriguing dual-panel design, with the phone’s removable rear panel effectively splitting the device into two equal halves

Jolla’s proprietary Sailfish OS powers the smartphone. It’s the spiritual successor to Nokia’s MeeGo OS, except that it has to rely on in-house development for all of the operating system’s closed-source components. This means that Sailfish will come without some of Nokia’s popular mobile components – their excellent audio algorithm, to name but one.